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I am a single mom and went in december 2011 to william behrndt to grt help with a collection of my child support. He made an appointment for me at his office in 1110 roosevelt irvine. I thought it was unusual to meet at 6pm and he had me go upstairs for consultations. I explained my situation and that I was owed over $5500 of back support. he said he would help me. so I wrote him a check for $500 to start the case.

then in was around 7 pm and the receptionist had left so it was dark. He offered to walk me to my car. I first thought he was being nice but then he started groping me and then exposed himself right there in the parking lot.. I was shocked and confused. He then appologized and tore up the check. I thought that would be it but he started calling me at night. It was horrible. I eventually threated to call the police. but then one day i saw him in his car outside my apartment and he was masterbating..

I was so embarrassed I called the Police and they were there in 5 minutes. I drove by his office and it was now vacant with an eviction notice for Baron & Behrndt to leave and a warrant from the sherrif's office. I don't know where he is hiding but the police are looking to question him. His phone is disconnected and he must be hiding.

I am scared and being a single woman living alone it is frightening. do not meet this creep anywhere if you are young and female.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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According to the State Bar of New York and New Jersey, William C Behrndt III has been disbarred and is not allowed to pratice law in those states. California has similar charges pending.


Yikes. he's my lawyer now :? I know he's very unorganized. What should I do?

to help #646225

Drop him right away.He is badness .

Hire a decent attorney.

The dude has a serious problem with women.8)


I am not afraid of you anymore!!! You are the sick one. We women will join together to stop you from taking advantage of other young women. you are a racist and ***. eventually your actions will catch up with you. hopefully you will be disbarred, in jail or both. then women can be safe.

never a victim

nina tadrous


Seriously..youre pathetic!.You Should feel embarrassed for all the lies you're spreading about Bill.

You're discusting!. You are a terrible personShame on you!! Have courage you coward.

Come forward and speak as yourself.You are not fooling anyone..

Palestine, Arkansas, United States #444363

I was acosted by this creep back in 2007 at his office in irvine.interestingly, he moves every 6 months and was evicted from his irvine office in december 2011.

he leaves a trail of unhappy clients and violated women. hope he lands in jail soon.

he usually stays in one place no longer than a year.guess the landlord boots him out or the athorities catch up with him


The above documentation by William Behrndt is all false.He did not write that ridiculous admission.

He has not written on this message boards at all.He's a professional that doesn't engage this silly liar in childs play.


The Law Office of William C. Behrndt assists families in all aspects of family law and criminal defense by providing expert legal advice, effective negotiation, and as needed, aggressive litigation.

The partners in our firm lend a broad spectrum of personalities and skills.

Each attorney has developed skills that will assist a particular client’s situation.

There are some matters that require an aggressive litigator, while other matters require artful and perhaps amicable negotiations and settlement.

Our firm extends the skills and personalities to best suit the particular issues in your matter.

The Law Office of William C. Behrndt assists families in all aspects of family law and criminal defense by providing expert legal advice, effective negotiation, and as needed, aggressive litigation. 38613fd


First of all "whoever" this is that is continuosly posting as various individuals regarding William is completely lieng.Bill doesn't have an upstairs office.

He doesn't have a receptionist and he isn't sleeping with his clients.

It takes on sick minded individual to continue to spitefully create lies.

You ought to be ashamed of yourself.I would name you here but I don't play your twisted and perverted little game.

Palestine, Arkansas, United States #406015

This is official notification that you have been served with a SLANDER and LIBEL summons and complaint and that you will have to appear before the SUPERIOR COURT of ORANGE COUNTY to defend yourself. These comments are unproven and I can show that this woman was the instigator of any sexual contact and that the meetings were entirely consensual.

Your past will be brought up and the facts will show that you and not me were the one who wanted the physical relationship. I have written proof in my files that you agreed to everything that happened. I have recordings on my cell phone of all calls I made to you and everything I said you agreed to. Why then did we talk for a half an hour? Why didn't you just hang up? This is adequate proof for any jury. See you in court.

William C Behrndt, Esq.

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